S&P 500 sent its best week of the year

US stocks rose on Friday, supported mainly by demand for securities of companies from the retail sector, says CNBC. All indices recorded weekly increases of about 3%.
While investors closely follow comments from central bankers that additional support posts for the various directions in which undertake monetary policies in Europe and the US.
The blue chip index Dow Jones Industrial Average surged by 0.51 percent, or 91.20 points, to 17 823.95 points. The benchmark was almost unchanged from the beginning of the year, once during the session briefly a surplus since the beginning of 2015, rising during the session with 181 points. The index send week with a 3.3% growth.
The broader index Standard & Poor's 500 noted an increase of 0.38% for the day and 3.27% for the week to 2 089.17 points, thanks to companies in the consumer sector. Thus, the index recorded its best week of the year.
Technological Nasdaq Composite benchmark is now up 0.62% and for the week - by 3.6 percent to 5 104.92 points.
"I think the market is really in no man's land, if I have to be honest. There are many unknowns, "says marketing chief market analyst at The Lindsey Group Peter Buukvar.
Before the start of trading on Friday the president of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi said he was ready to do everything possible to increase inflation as quickly as possible.
The US Deputy Federal Reserve Chairman Stanley Fischer said that "some leading central banks" can terminate the policy of near zero interest rates "in the relatively near future."
The president of the New York Fed, William Dudley said the bank still has time to decide on the possible lifting of interest rates in December.
Moreover Fed president James Bullard St. Louis said the central bank will return to an era in which there is more uncertainty about decisions to change interest from meeting to meeting after Initial increasing the rate. He believes that the tightening of the monetary policy should be depending on the data.